Driving industrialization through integration―a manufacturing model at its best

Our special economic zone (ZEZ) development program is driven by our desire to create export-oriented, sector-specialized, vertically integrated, and sustainable industries. So far, the government has built 16 SEZs, and over 300 companies have made them their home.

To address the needs of investors in the agro-processing industry, the government has also established three integrated agro-industrial parks (IAIPs) in Ethiopia. IAIPs are SEZs where agro-processors benefit from shared infrastructure, logistics and services to gain economies of scale; and exploit opportunities for bulk purchasing and selling, training courses and extension services. Recently, the Burie IAIP in Amhara region, Yirgalem IAIP in the Sidama region and Bulbula IAIP in the Oromia region have been inaugurated.

We invite investors looking to develop SEZs jointly with our government to engage in public-private partnerships. Our SEZs are serving the increasing demand for a manufacturing space that is ready for business and offers quick entry to the market. We are keen to support investors exploring this investment opportunity.

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