Driving industrialization through integration―a manufacturing model at its best

Since the beginning of our fast-paced economic transformation in the early 2000s, industrialization has been in our front view. Our focus on developing special economic zones (SEZs) in key locations in Ethiopia emanated from our ambition to position Ethiopia as the next global manufacturing hub. And we are glad to say, ‘mission accomplished’. Our SEZs have continued to play a central role in driving the growth of manufacturing and drawing the attention of global investors to Ethiopia.

We build SEZs based on the key principles of sector specialization and integration, export market diversification, and sustainability, as well as a laser focus on skills development. SEZ features include:

  • Located along strategic economic corridors
  • Proximity to abundant labor force
  • Dedicated infrastructure offering plug-and-play opportunities
  • Rich in social service center such as health stations, fire brigade, expat accommodation and security services
  • Streamlined government OSS services to ensure quicker facilitation and guarantee investor satisfaction
  • Public SEZs

    We have built 16 public SEZs and over 300 companies have made them their home.

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  • Private SEZs

    Investors have been enticed by the profitability of developing private SEZs. Visit one of the six privately developed industrial parks…

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