Africa Juice

africa juice logoWith global demand for tropical juices on the rise, in 2009 africaJUICE Tibila Share Company, a joint venture between africaJUICE BV of the Netherlands and the Ethiopian government, took operational control of Tibila Farm in Ethiopia’s Upper Awash Valley and started producing passion fruit, mangoes, papayas, and other tropical fruits. In addition to rehabilitating and expanding the newly acquired farm, africaJUICE has built a new fruit-processing facility with state-of-the-art processing, sterilization, and packaging equipment. The processed juice is exported through the port in neighboring Djibouti to markets in Europe and the Middle East. The company directly employs 2,400 people.

Source: VC4Africa; MIGA, “Tropical Fruit Juice Project Helping to Spur Economic Revival in Ethiopia”, April 18, 2011.