jp textileMr. Tony Kao        

Deputy General Manger

JP Textile


"we are very delighted to be a center of Ethiopian historical Industrialization Journey."


indochineRaghav Pattar

General Manager - Africa



"One Team One Ethiopia" that's how We are Moving with Ethiopia.




Mr. Samuel Tafese

Founder / President

"The world offers ample investment opportunities but Ethiopia is the best place to invest in. Of course, We are happy that the government is always ready to provide all the necessary support."


kaldis logo

Captain Elias Ketema


"It is no wonder that everybody has turned their investment compass to Ethiopia. Investment opportunities are unmatched anywhere else. The earlier you come, the more you will benefit."


heyatt regency

Mr. Ehab Yehia

Project Manger Ethiopia

Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa (ASB Hotel Properties)


"Hyatt Regency is very Honored to Invest in the most Promising Hospitality Industry in Africa "