PM Abiy Visiting Gorgora Tourism Development Project

PM Abiy Visiting Gorgora Tourism Devt ProjectPrime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited today Gorgora, one of the three prospective tourist attractions to be developed under the “Dine for the Nation” initiative. 

The premier had established a national committee that mobilizes funds for the development of the tourist attraction sites in Amhara, Oromia, and Southern Nation Nationality and People’s states.

Gorgora, which is located south of the ancient city Gondar and Lake Tana in the north, was selected from the Amhara region for development. Wonchi, in the Oromia region, with a legacy of once-powerful volcanoes, hot springs, and waterfalls, where a crater lake is “a piece of paradise”; and Koysha, uniquely situated in the green hills and lush forests of the Southern region.

Abiy is accompanied by the Federal and Regional senior government officials. The premier was warmly welcomed by the residents of Gorgora town on arrival.

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