Foreign Investors Receive Briefing on ‘Dine for Nation’ Project

Foreign Investors Receive Briefing on Dine for Nation ProjectForeign investors are currently receiving a briefing on the ‘Dine for Nation’ project. ‘Dine for Nation’ is a fundraising program to finance Wonchi, Gorgora, and Koysha projects. It aims to raise 3 billion birrs.

Gorgora located in the south of Gondar on the north shore of Lake Tana, in the Amhara region; Wonchi, in the Oromia region, with a legacy of once-powerful volcanoes, hot springs, and waterfalls, where a crater lake is “a piece of paradise”; and Koysha, uniquely situated in the green hills and lush forests of the Southern region.

With the Koysha hydropower plant in progress and the Chebera Churchura National Park in proximity, the new integrated eco-project in Koysha aims to enhance existing endowments and create a service industry and jobs in the area.

On the briefing, Ethiopian officials gave details about the projects, including their importance for tourism and to create job opportunities. The officials on the occasion called on the investors to support the projects. The three projects are expected to create jobs for the local communities, drive tourism, and create service economies.