Huge investment on green energy attracts more FDI to Ethiopia, says WEC

hasan muraChairman of the Executive Board for 2016 World Energy Congress has said Ethiopia’s drive towards building environmentally friendly energy is a pulling factor for more FDI.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Chairman Assistant Professor Hasan Mura Mercan, who is also Turkish Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said Ethiopia is becoming one of the most preferred countries in sub-Saharan Africa for foreign companies due to its cheep and sustainable energy potential.

Ethiopia is hugely investing in energy especially in renewable energy which enables the country to be the leading manufacturing hub and power exporter in Africa, the WEC chairman said.

Ethiopia’s effort to generate and supply cheap renewable energy to manufacturers and neighboring countries is exemplary, he stated.

He also appreciated the country’s strong environmental mitigation policy in the energy sector which is a major feature to tackle challenges of climate change.

Ethiopia has been at the front of the energy debate for nearly a decade, he said, adding the country represented the whole of Africa at events of importance to the continent.

Assistant Professor Mercan also said the world should promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all.

He urged Turkish companies to invest more in Ethiopia particularly in the energy sector. Ethiopia’s improved investment climate will attract other investors to look for more options in the investment sector, he added.

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