Ethiopia: US Extends Ethiopia's AGOA Market Access for 10 Years

The Ethiopian Investment Commission Director General FitsumArega recently told The Ethiopian Herald that Ethiopia has been given another 10 years extension opportunity for accessing US market duty and quota free.

He also said that African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) has been extended which is big news for the country. I congratulate those companies which are manufacturing in Ethiopia and supplying to the American market. And we are grateful to the US government for allowing the extension, he added.

In the past we haven't utilized the opportunity to the maximum extent. But we believe in the years to come the Commission will work with other ministries on the construction of industrial parks to attract and allow more manufacturers to settle and manufacture in Ethiopia and access American market through the AGOA opportunity, Fitsum added.

"The relationship we have with the US government is so good that Americans want us to grow and access their market.”

He said that Ethiopia is also accessing European market tax free and without quota limitation as well.

It was learnt that AGOA was going to phase out in December 2015 but the US government allowed its extension for Ethiopian manufacturers to export tax and quota free.