Turkish electronics companies eye Ethiopian market

Turkish companies engaged in electric and electronics eye the Ethiopian market, said FatihEbiclioglu Chairman of the Electric, Electronic Exporters Association.

While discussing with President MulatuTeshome here today leader of a 6-person delegation, FatihEbiclioglu said Ethiopia is one of the biggest markets in the African continent and is strategic to reach other countries.

“We believe that Ethiopian market would provide big opportunity for Turkish companies and Ethiopian companies as well” Fatih said.

The delegation, representing 27 companies came to Ethiopia to look business and investment opportunities in addition to possible partnerships with their Ethiopian counterparts.

President Mulatu Teshome briefed the delegation about Ethiopia's potential in renewable energy and its activity to generate power from geothermal, wind, solar and water, saying it is profitable to invest in this area.

The President said agri-business, construction, textile, leather, cotton production, food processing and mines exploration are among other investment areas that will benefit companies.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency