Guang Dong of China aspires more investments in Ethiopia

Chinas leading economic and trade hub, Guang Dong Province is keen to further boost its trade and investment ties with Ethiopia, Provincial authorities said.

Companies based in the province are interested to engage in infrastructure, energy development, and tourism areas, Guang Dong Provinces Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director General MrLuo Jun told African journalists in the provincial capital Guangzhou.

Apart from the enabling policy framework of Ethiopia for investment, the government has taken the lead as the first African country to open a consular office in the provincial capital Guang Zhou, where Ethiopian airlines, the national carrier, flies five times a week which accelerate the rate of investment flow to the country, he said.

He expressed hope that as a transit for Chinese entrepreneurs to different African countries Ethiopia will ultimately end up as a good destination for investment from his province.

The investments of telecom companies, Huawei and ZTE, and the recently inaugurated light industrial city project by the shoe giant HuaJian Group are mega investment projects that raise the scale of ties between Guang dong and Ethiopia.

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