State Minister DewanoKedir meets a business delegation from Oman

State Minister DewanoKedir met with a high-level business delegation from Oman led by Dr. Salim Al Islmaily, Chair of Oman’s Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development. The State Minister, welcoming the delegation, noted that Ethiopia and Oman shared a long-standing relationship. Underlining Ethiopia’s focus on economic diplomacy, the State Minister pointed out that the country was open for cooperation in bilateral trade and investment.

He stressed the huge potential market in Ethiopia, its skilled personnel and ample labor force as well as the relatively low labor costs.Ethiopia, in fact, offered tremendous opportunities for business and investment. The State Minister encouraged investors to engage in the manufacturing sector, the country’s main current priority and further suggested that Omani companies and investors could become involved in other investment opportunities in Ethiopia, including agriculture, tourism, trade, textile and food processing. He emphasized the commitment of the Ethiopian Government to cooperate fully and facilitate investment and business activity in the country. Dr. Salim Al Islmaily appreciated Ethiopia’s suitability for investment and pledged to promote investment opportunities in Ethiopia to Omani investors.

Source:-The Ministry of Foreign Affair’s facebook page