Commissioner Ms. Lelise NemeAddressing the business webinar jointly Organized by Ethiopian Embassy in UAE and Abu Dhabi Chamber, Investment Commissioner Lelise Neme said Ethiopia is aggressively working to join top doing business ranking countries soon. Ethiopia has also been opening up more areas for Foreign Director Investment (FDI) sector, she said.>

Saying that Ethiopia has undertaken decisive reforms to create conducive and enabling environment for FDI, Commissioner Lelise said new areas which were reserved for domestic actors have been now opened up for foreign investors.

The Macro-economic, structural and sectoral reforms undertaken by the government are based on the homegrown economic reform agenda. One of the challenges investors are facing which is the Forex Imbalance has been addressed through the macroeconomic reform drive, she said.

Actions being taken to control the inflation, improve access to finance and ensure debt sustainability are enabling the role of the private sector in the economy, according to the commissioner.

The doing business measures are addressing problems in the FDI, she said adding that Ethiopia has seen biggest paradigm shift in the revision of restrictive legal frameworks such as regulations and proclamations of the investment and trade sector, Lelise noted.

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Kiltech visitKilitch Estro Biotech PLC a joint venture medicine factory investment that is aiming substitute import of medicine 100 % and also export to the international market and planning to be the number one exporter of medicine in Africa by 2025. The Factory was visited by the Ethiopian investment team, H.E Lelise Neme, and regional officials and concerning bodies. Kilitch Estro Biotech is the biggest injectable medicine producer in India.

Source: EIC PR Directorate

10 year report briefThe 10-year Leading Development plan 2013-2022 EC and the half-year performance of the Ethiopian investment commission, Industry Park Development Corporation, and Land Bank Development Corporation are being briefed and discussed for the house of people representative trade and industry affairs standing committee.

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Unilever vistUnilever a company that has been in business for over 120 years and been working in more than 190 countries and here in Ethiopia for more than 5 years with more than 20 products and been growing drastically in the countries business got visited by the HOPR #EIC, Land Band and IPDC staff.

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Arba MinchEquipped with the best machinery of its day and capable of treating 25,000 tons of waste-water daily, Arbamich textile Share Company is highly regarded by local and international brand buyers and capable of producing 200,000 mts per day.

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