The Public Enterprise Holding and Administration Agency (PEHAA)wishes to engage a qualified and experienced Transaction Advisor to provide privatization transaction advisory services for the privatization of state owned sugar estates (Ethiopian Sugar Corporation) and carry out all the necessary work that are pertinent for a successful privatization transaction.These estates are Welkayit, Tendaho, Kesem, Omo Kuraz-1, Omo Kuraz- 2, Omo Kuraz-3, Arjo-Dedesa, and Tana-Belese Sugar Estates


Netherlands Development Organization’s (SNV) Innovation Against Poverty (IAP) project aims to boost private sector contribution to alleviate poverty sustainably through co-financing inclusive and innovative business concepts through a competitive process.

The project has successfully invested in 11 competitively selected companies in Ethiopia and 35 companies globally. Due to the successful nature of the project, the second phase has been approved.

We would like to inform you that the IAP Second call for proposals is tentatively scheduled for the last week of March 2020. The count down has started

Below is further detail information about the project:

  • Two Steps evaluation process: first concept note and then the full business plan. The estimated time frame from concept note to contract is 6-20 weeks. Guidance on the application process, business mentoring and coaching is provided during the business plan development and implementation of the proposed business concepts by SNV advisors, BoP Innovation Center, LCBs, etc.
  • Open to three sectors of SNV and ICT as enabling service for the three sectors: WASH, Energy, and Agriculture.
  • Grant amount between €50,000-200,000 EUR
  • The disbursement system of the fund is on a reimbursement basis but in special cases, it can consider partial reimbursements.
  • Investee (Private sector) project time frame: 2yrs
  • Private Sectors preferred to apply: are well established (have operations of three and more years of stable business) and have better reputation in-terms of compliance to professional financial and business operations, also can take on some of the risks in the new business concept investment which is the minimum amount of 51% of total investment needed for the business proposal. The company’s investment can be both in cash and in-kind (wherein kind can cover up to 20-25% of the funding requirement).
  • Key assessment criteria for the business concepts
    • Both product and process innovations,
    • Inclusive impact on employment, income and access to basic services to the poor (the larger the impact level in terms of outreach and increased return the better the chance of showing value for money),
    • Commercially viable in the medium term (3yrs),
    • Scalable,

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Hiber Sugar Share Company:

Hiber Sugar Share Company is a producer of Sugar, Ethanol, Organic Fertilizer, Bio Diesel and Electric Power in Ethiopia. Hiber Sugar Share Company is a privately owned Ethiopian business that aims to raise capital from the sale of shares to the public and set up a Sugar Factory. Thirty investors and sugar industry professionals have started the share company. The company is established according to the provisions of the Ethiopian Commercial Code and has already obtained an investment permit to cultivate sugar cane and build a sugar factory on 25,000 hectares land.: