Pharma webinarAd UNIDO 1The Ethiopian Investment Commission, in partnership with UNIDO-Investment and Trade Promotion Office(ITPO)- South Korea Office, has organized a virtual event that aims at promoting the Country’s business opportunities to selected south Korean Pharmaceutical companies. The event will bring together government regulatory and procurement agencies, business leaders, professionals, policymakers, and health practitioners. The event will take place from November 2-6,2020.  To join the webinar, please click on the Zoom meeting link 10 minutes earlier at 8:50 am (GMT +3): No passwords are required and there will be no waiting room. 

Companies who would like to participate in the subsequent B2B or B2G meetings from the 3rd-6th November 2020 are kindly requested to complete the below application form:


Ethiopia generates over 46mln export revenue from industrial parksIndustrial parks in Ethiopia have exported worth over 46 million USD products during the first quarter of the current Ethiopian fiscal year, Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) said.   

EIC Commissioner, Lelise Neme told the media recently that despite the challenges of Covid-19 the East African country earned about 46.1 million U.S. dollars in exports from both the public and private industrial parks that are operational across the country.

Ethiopia is exporting mainly apparel, textile, shoes, leather, and leather products from its industrial parks.

The stated amount of export earning has accounted for 71 percent of the target in the stated period, according to the Commissioner.  

“For us, the revenue generated during the quarter was not bad as we have been confronting the challenges posed by COVID-19 which is currently affecting the sector even at the international level’’, she said.

Ethiopia was also able to ease the impact of COVID-19 on the investment sector by facilitating ways for the companies to engage in other types of products vital to prevent COVID-19, she said.

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Ethiopia Secures 500 Mil USD from FDI in Three MonthsEthiopia has secured 500 million USD from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the past three months, Commissioner Lelise Neme told journalists.

The foreign companies are mainly engaged in the manufacturing, agriculture, and service sectors, the Commissioner said.

She further stated that the commission has been striving hard to attract more FDI to the country despite the challenges of Covid-19 and instability in some parts of the country.

Ethiopia was also able to ease the impact of COVID-19 on the investment sector by facilitating ways for the companies to engage in other types of products vital to prevent COVID-19, she said.

Several manufacturing companies have now producing face-masks, gloves, and COVDI-19 testing kits that helped the sector to shoulder the impact of the pandemic.

Furthermore, the Investment Commission is working to intensify investments in the newly inaugurated industrial parks.

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State Minister calls for more UAE investment in EthiopiaState Minister of Foreign Affairs Tsion Teklu today received the Ambassador of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Ethiopia, Mohammed Salem.

The two discussed bilateral issues of mutual interest with a particular emphasis on investment opportunities and challenges for UAE investors in Ethiopia.

State Minister Tsion said the two countries should scale up their relationship with investments that encourage social responsibility, technology transfer, job creation, and capacity building.

She said the newly enacted investment regulation, as part of the sweeping socioeconomic reforms in Ethiopia, would be a plus to attract foreign investors.

The two underscored that cooperation between stakeholders from both countries to deal with matters of investment relations is indispensable to create a suitable business environment in the country.

Ambassador Mohammed Salem expressed his hope that the Ethiopian investment and business environment would be even more attractive with due attention given to weed out bottlenecks to investment.




PM Abiy Ahmed inaugurates Bahir Dar Industrial ParkEthiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurates Bahir Dar Industrial Park built at 75 ha of land comprising eight factory sheds.

The inauguration ceremony has been attended by the Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner, Lelise Neme, and high government officials including Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andargachew, among others. All the sheds are fully occupied and will go operational soon, the Prime Minister said.

“Enhancing the manufacturing sector is one of the key pillars of our Home Grown Economic Reform unveiled in 2019.” the premier stressed, adding “Hence the expansion of such parks will facilitate our industrial development goals together with the enabling environment we are working to create for investments.”

The industrial park can serve as a recreational and research site for students and academics in the area in addition to its significance as a job creation hub.

Prime Minister Abiy said the Country has completed the construction of all thirteen industrial parks which were under construction across the nation. The premier underlined that the industrial parks will be integrated with agro-processing in a view to modernizing the agricultural sector.

Bahir Dar Industrial park has finalized screening works to create jobs for more than 4,000 individuals and will engage 10,000 more manpower when it goes fully operational in two shifts.

And, it is expected to double job opportunities when the second phase of its working sheds is completed. People who are displaced from the area due to the development of the park are given priority in the job opportunities, Africa Business Networking reported quoting FBC.

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