Nation Striving to Create Favorable Environment to Private Sector Create Jobs EIC CommissionerEthiopia has been exerting efforts to ease the bureaucratic bottlenecks that hamper the growth of the private sector that creates jobs.

Ethiopian Investment Commissioner, Abebe Abebayehu said many activities have been carried out to increase the engagement of the private sector and bring the economy together through creating forums which help to share best practices.

He added that the reform under way is aimed to create conducive business and investment environment for the private sector.

The commissioner emphasized on the need to create favorable and affordable surrounding for investment in order to encourage the youth to engage in their own enterprises.

The government is, therefore, working hard to create enabling surrounding for the private sector so that it could be competitive and more productive to create jobs and lower youth unemployment, Abebe elaborated.

He added that the old investment proclamation is being reviewed in order to remove constraints on foreign direct investment flow and the integration of local investors and foreign companies.

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