Ethiopia and Nigeria to Lead in Mobile Subscribers in Sub Saharan AfricaEthiopia and Nigeria are expected to lead in mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2025, according to Africa Business Networking.

A new study from the GSMA has revealed that more than 160 million new mobile subscribers will be included in the region.

Accordingly, the number of mobile subscribers in Ethiopia will grow by 11 percent, while showing a 19 percent increase in Nigeria, the study indicated.

The Sub-Saharan Africa will remain the world’s fastest-growing mobile region over the coming years as millions of young African consumers become mobile users for the first time, according to the study.

It reveals that over 160 million new unique mobile subscribers will be added across the region by 2025, bringing the total to 623 million, up from 456 million in 2018.

The study calculates that the mobile ecosystem across Sub-Saharan Africa generated almost $150 billion in economic value last year – equivalent to 8.6 per cent of the region’s GDP. It is forecast to generate almost $185 billion (9.1 per cent of GDP) by 2023.

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