Ethiopias Economy Projected to Grow at 9.2 in 201819Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia’s economy is expected to grow at 9.2 % in the 2011 Ethiopian fiscal year (2018/19). The Prime Minister made the remark while presenting his government’s 2018/19 performance report to the House of People’s Representatives.

The economy grew at 7.7 % in 2010 (2017/18) as well as at 8.8% both in 2008 (2015/16) and in 2009 (2016/17), he told the Parliament.

In his report, the Premier also touched on the measures taken during the last one year to widen up the political space, ensure rule of law and rehabilitate displaced community members, among others.

The Prime Minister also briefed the members of the parliament on the various institutional reforms launched in the past year.

Security organs, justice sector, National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), Human Rights Commission, National Intelligence Security Service (NISS), Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Federal Police and Prison Administration are among areas where the reform initiative is being implemented.

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