EIC Launches Online Investment Service PlatformEthiopian Investment Commission (EIC) has launched an online service platform where investors can apply for new investment license and renewing investment permit.

The platform aimed at providing efficient and reliable investment for investors regardless of geographical locations, according to EIC Commissioner, Abebe Abebayehu.

Addressing the ceremony, Commissioner Abebe said that the online platform will allow foreign investors to be able to access and register their new investment licenses from the comfort of their offices and be able to renew their licenses as well.

In addition, application for tax holiday incentive support of eligible projects, application for duty-free incentive support qualified projects were among the other services mentioned.

During the occasion, Senior Private Sector Specialist, East Africa, International Finance Corporation, at World Bank Group, Heinz-Wilhelm Strubenhoff said the online platform will have of a paramount importance to save time, effort and cost.

Accordingly, the online service will complement the ongoing reforms. “We are happy to invite the whole world to this country,” he noted.

The Chinese language Web-portal also launched alongside the investment online service platform during the occasion. Commissioner Abebe also noted that we believe this portal will give Chinese investors all the required information to invest in Ethiopia.