Raymond is planning to set up a 2 million units per annum capacity plant in Ethiopia, at a total investment of US$100 million, to manufacture and export woolen-blended and cotton-blended jackets.

Currently, Raymond makes close to 2 million jackets at its Bengaluru facility - primarily woolen-blended and cotton-blended jackets - and exports some of them to the USA, Europe and Japan.

A more favorable duty structure and local incentives prompted Raymond to build a plant in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has a 10-year duty-free trade agreement with USA, Europe and a preferential trade pact with Japan.
Raymond is also being provided land on long-lease by the Ethiopian government.

It will also get electricity at a price which is a third of the cost of power in India, apart from the labor charges, which are almost half of India.

Source: http://www.fanabc.com/english/index.php/news/item/4159-raymond-to-build-2mln-units-year-plant-in-ethiopia