Ethiopia Paris FashionEthiopian companies are participating in an International Trade Show and Fair for Fashion which is taking place in France, Paris, for the coming three days, according to Ethiopia’s Embassy in France.

Ethiopian garment manufacturing companies such as Desta PLC, Bahir Dar Textile Share Company, Samira-Made in Ethiopia, Sadulla Business PLC, Almeda, Meron, Yefikir, etc are taking part in the exhibition and show.

Ethiopia is among the few selected countries to participate in a fashion show to be conducted in the course of the exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be catwalks to promote selected countries, it was stated.

The international trade show and fair exhibition comprises two major events, namely ‘The Apparel Sourcing Paris’ – the International Trade Show for Fashion, and ‘Texworld Paris’ – the International Fair for Fashion. Both were organized by Messe Frankfurt France (MFF), ENA reported.


Ministry of minesA draft petroleum policy and a petroleum proclamation, which enable Ethiopia to consolidate its exploration of oil and determine the volume of natural gas in the country to subsequently extract them, has been finalized, according to Ministry Mines and Petroleum.

A workshop that discusses the draft documents was conducted today to gather inputs on further developing the documents.  

The petroleum policy is reportedly aimed at making investors in petroleum more fruitful, enhancing federal and regional collaboration, identifying problems in the value chain and fixing the problems of the sector as well as soliciting competent market system in the country by assessing better market opportunities. 

It would encourage the use of technology and entrepreneurship and the exchange of experiences, it was stated. 

Petroleum Licensing and Administration Director at the Ministry, Qetsela Tadesse said a study has been conducted in the last one year to draft the policy. 

The policy will have a positive role in attracting new investments in the sector, he added. 

The draft proclamation on petroleum, on the other hand, will replace the proclamation issued in 1985 as it is outdated and cannot go along the present reality in the country, the director stated.

According to Qetsela, the policy will come in to effect after inputs gathered and ratification by the authoritative body, ENA reported.


PM UpbeatThe homegrown economic reform will propel Ethiopia to become the African icon of prosperity by 2030, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said. 

Opening a forum held to brief international development partners and the diplomatic community on the Homegrown Economic Reform agenda of the country, the premier stated that “the homegrown economic reform agenda is close to my heart and I believe it’s our bridge to prosperity, enabling us to become a middle-income nation that ensures sustainable development.”

Acknowledging that the next capture of Ethiopia’s growth and development requires more active private sector, Abiy said “we have opened up key economic activities to private investment.”

According to him, his government prioritized the success of key sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining and ICT anchor in the vision for building a prosperous nation. “Our priority is to create economic environment that closes income inequality gap by creating opportunity and access of sources for all our youth.”

The premier called on development partners to continue strengthening their support.

International development partners who participated in the discussion praised the country’s efforts to reduce poverty and to continue economic growth.

They stated that they would provide financial and technical support for the implementation of the economic reform, according to ENA.

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New Year 2012The New Year is the new beginning of new ventures and new projects.

Ethiopia is among the few fastest growing economies in the world. The East Africa nation has now become a preferred foreign direct investment (FDI) designation in Africa.

Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) wishes all a very Happy Ethiopian New Year full of joy and happiness. May this one brings you success in every area of your life.

Smart companies invest in Ethiopia!!

Ethiopian Investment Commission

Public Relations Directorate


Ethio canadaThe Government of Canada wants to increase investment and trade presence in Ethiopia alongside engagement in agriculture, Ambassador Antoine Chevrier said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Canada’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Antoine Chevrier said the objective of Canada in Ethiopia is to grow and diversify its presence alongside maintaining the strong development program that corresponds to the priorities of the country.

“We want to increase our trade and investment presence and our economic presence,” the ambassador added.

Ambassador Chevrier pointed out that with the Ethiopian New Year in site and the last month of Canada’s new year approaching, “ the objective for us is to keep on doing the good work on the development side, but also more and more diversify our presence.”

Hearing from all stakeholders, that is NGOs, the government and other partners in Ethiopia, “the government’s programs are okay and are needed in many ways; but the need for different relationship with multiple components on trade, for example, is critical,” he elaborated.

Ambassador Chevrier further stated that “hopefully, with the coming Ethiopian New Year, we will see the relationship between our two countries in much more diversified way, very robust based on vibrant and strong presence.”

According to him, a big part of Canada’s cooperation in Ethiopia is the agricultural sector. Besides, one of the bigger programs of the country is supporting the productive safety net program as the need is high.

Ethiopia is reportedly one of the largest recipients of Canada’s international assistance, 198.15 million USD in 2017-2018.

Some of the new initiatives, including entrepreneurship, among others started recently, the ambassador added.

Commenting on the strong relationship between the two countries, he said “ it is a big portfolio and we have been here for a long time. I think we can see it moving as also the priorities of Ethiopia are moving.”

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